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How Did WeWork Fall From The Altar?

According to CNBC, on October 22, the Soft-Silver program, plans to invest $4-5 billion in WeWork, which is about to dry up the cash flow, and the corresponding WeWork is valued at $7.5 -8 billion, leaving only 17% of the $47 billion valuation at the beginning of the year.

Alibaba — China’s Internet giants

According to statistics, alibaba accounts for more than 90% of the e-commerce market share, and its market value has reached more than $500 billion, which is a target that few people can reach. Up to now, alibaba has been a giant e-commerce enterprise worthy of the name.

Barbarians attack, Chinese corporate predators

What is a barbarian, rough, direct way to solve the problem. What is the corporate predator, the so-called corporate predator, they are called this, unlike the general sense of the acquirer, because they usually only take the acquisition as a means of profit, and do not have much interest in the business itself.