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Alibaba — China’s Internet giants

Alibaba -- China's Internet giants

According to statistics, alibaba accounts for more than 90% of the e-commerce market share, and its market value has reached more than $500 billion, which is a target that few people can reach. Up to now, alibaba has been a giant e-commerce enterprise worthy of the name.

Alibaba group was formally founded in 1999 in an apartment in hangzhou by 18 founders led by jack ma. From 1999 to 2000, alibaba raised 25 million dollars from softbank, Goldman sachs, fidelity investment and other institutions. In 2003, at jack ma’s apartment in hangzhou, taobao, a personal e-commerce site, launched an online payment system called alipay.

Alibaba -- China's Internet giants

In September 2008, alibaba and taobao merged, alibaba group research and development institute was established. In August 2009, as part of the “big taobao” strategy, koubei injected taobao to make taobao a one-stop e-commerce service provider, providing services for more e-commerce users. In January 2013, alibaba group was restructured into 25 business units to better meet the opportunities and challenges posed by China’s rapidly growing e-commerce market. Amazon (16 percent) and apple (16 percent) tied for the top spot in KPMG’s annual global technology disrupter report, followed by alibaba (15 percent). In addition to alibaba, five other Chinese companies made the list, with e-commerce and social networking platforms being the most disruptive business models, according to the report.

Alibaba’s contribution to China’s economy is as follows: 1. It has changed the consumption habits of Chinese consumers. From the establishment of taobao in 2003 to the launch of taobao mall (Tmall) in 2008, every step taken by alibaba is a milestone event for Chinese e-commerce. Today’s C2C and B2C businesses of alibaba have gathered more than 8 million sellers and more than 200 million consumers. Maybe you can’t remember the last time you went to shopping, online shopping has completely changed their traditional shopping habits, people no longer need to go offline to buy the goods they need easily at home or office. Over the past few years, offline stores have been wailing and traffic has declined. When the real Internet aborigines born in 1990 and 1995 become the main part of Internet consumption, this trend is almost irreversible. The biggest contribution of the Internet enterprises represented by alibaba to China’s economy is not how many jobs they created, but that they changed the consumption behavior pattern of Chinese people within just over 10 years, which promoted the spontaneous transformation and upgrading of China’s economy. Second, it improves the circulation efficiency of the whole society. According to alibaba’s prospectus, 5 billion packages were delivered on Chinese retail platforms taobao, Tmall and juhuasuan last year, accounting for 54 percent of the country’s total express delivery business. Thanks to the development of alibaba’s e-commerce platform, China’s express delivery business has grown by an average of 43.5% for five consecutive years, ranking second in the world in terms of business scale, only second to the United States. It is difficult for consumers to accept that the express from Beijing to guangzhou cannot arrive within 3 days. In the United States, a week-long delivery from east to west is normal, but in China it is almost unimaginable. Ali has forced out an efficient express industry, which is the artery of the whole social and economic circulation. Third, it has created a platform for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in China to compete with large enterprises. Alibaba has not only built the world’s largest e-commerce platform, but also the world’s largest incubator. For grassroots entrepreneurs, the most lack of funds, sales channels, consumer trust. Alibaba has its own small and micro finance company, which provides loans to entrepreneurs, and it also provides financing services to entrepreneurs with its joint bank. Based on credit and behavior data of alibaba platform, entrepreneurs on alibaba platform can quickly obtain pure credit loans without guarantee or mortgage. With the help of taobao, Tmall, countless grassroots entrepreneurs to solve the problem of sales channels. Iv. The credit system constructed by it provides the underlying data support for the whole national economic credit construction.

Alibaba -- China's Internet giants

Jack ma was awarded the Forbes lifetime achievement award. According to Forbes, jack ma has not only achieved the success of the company, but also empowered entrepreneurs in China, the United States and the world, enabling small businesses to do business online and countless people to get jobs. On October 16, fortune China released the list of the most admired Chinese companies in 2019, with huawei investment holding co., ltd. ranking first for the second year in a row. In addition, gree group ranked no. 3 and alibaba ranked no. 4.

In his farewell speech, jack ma said: “from 20 years ago until now, all the important decisions of alibaba have nothing to do with money. They have everything to do with solving social problems. They have everything to do with mission, vision and values.” We never want to be a mediocre company that just wants to make money. Our goal has never been to beat our rivals, but to change the world for the better. We only hope that we are a good company in the society, in the world, in the hearts of ordinary people and users. It is more difficult to be a good company than a strong one. A good company is responsible, responsible and kind. What is a good system? In fact, to put it simply, it is in line with reality, in line with human nature, easy to understand, fair and just, consistent, feasible, conducive to the goal, overall improvement, guidance and incentive. In summary, a good system is designed to make the company run better, not to manage for the sake of managing. Management is not an end, but a means.

After 20 years of hard work, the society has given us the best talents and opportunities to develop technology. This is not an asset to show off, but a huge trust from the society. The best way to be grateful is to surprise society with your actions. In the next 20 years, it is our responsibility to make good use of these resources, talents and technologies to make the world a greener, more inclusive and sustainable place, and a softer and warmer one.

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