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Barbarians attack, Chinese corporate predators

What is a barbarian, rough, direct way to solve the problem. What is the corporate predator, the so-called corporate predator, they are called this, unlike the general sense of the acquirer, because they usually only take the acquisition as a means of profit, and do not have much interest in the business itself. When they identify the target company, they often have the vision of value investors. Once they start buying, they force the acquired company to respond to profit through a variety of methods and means. The acquisition of other people’s enterprises, preemptive plunder.

And the character we’re going to talk about today. It can be said to have similarities with Carl Icahn, who has a Wall Street wolf.

Barbarians attack, Chinese corporate predators

Yao Zhenhua, born in Shantou, Guangdong Province in 1970, engaged in agricultural trade in his early years and founded Shenzhen Baoneng Investment Group Co., Ltd in 2000. From 1988 to 1992, he majored in industrial management engineering and food engineering of South China University of Technology. On October 13, 2016, the 2016 Hurun Wealth list was released, Yao Zhenhua ranked fourth with 115 billion yuan. On Oct. 20, the 2016 Hurun Real Estate Rich list was released, Yao Zhenhua ranked sixth with 40 billion. August 2019, won the 2019 Forbes list of Global billionaires. two hundred and one October 10, 2009, Hurun rich list released, Yao Zhenhua ranked 15th, rich value of 100 billion yuan.

Barbarians attack, Chinese corporate predators

Speaking of Yao Zhenhua, no one knew at that time, not as famous as Alibaba’s Ma Yun, Wanda Group’s Wang Jianlin and others. To say that Yao Zhenhua is famous, we must definitely thank Wang Shi. Before people knew who Yao Zhenhua was, one of Wang Shi’s actions made the whole world know Yao Zhenhua. It is understood that the “Wanbao dispute” originated from the “stock market disaster” in 2015. Just in early July 2015, the market staged a startling “cliff-breaking” decline, when Qianhai took advantage of the opportunity to buy 553 million Vanke shares at a cost of nearly 8 billion, accounting for 5% of Vanke’s total stock. At the end of July, Hai Life and Kui Shenghua were the main “treasure”. Can be “buy Vanke 5% of the shares, this time charge is in front of Kui Shenghua, and Qianhai Life also has a small purchase.” By the end of August, Baoneng had once again shouted to the market to buy 5 percent of Vanke’s shares, by which time its shares were close to China Resources. On Nov. 27, 2015, Baoneng bought 20 percent of Vanke’s shares, surpassing China Resources’s 15.23 percent, and was promoted to Vanke’s largest shareholder. From December 11 to 12, Kui Shenghua once again increased its stake in Vanke shares. By this time, Baoneng Department has held a total of 22.45% of the shares, Vanke is in danger of changing owners. At this time, Wang Shi finally stood up. On December 17 th, Wang Shi appeared in the conference room in Vanke, Beijing, and delivered an internal speech for the first time on the aggressive Baoneng Department. His remarks are direct and full of gunpowder. In the face of barbarians breaking in, Wang Shi, and even Vanke, have strong vigilance. In particular, Baoneng is likely to destroy Vanke’s most valuable brand credit by borrowing heavily to buy Vanke’s largest shareholder, and even privatizing it. However, as the so-called “barbarians”, Bao Neng did not stop hunting, “barbarians” still knock on the door, in the face of Wang Shi’s “unwelcome”, Baoneng issued a statement in the middle of the night that “abide by the rules and believe in the market.” In 2005, Vanke shares again used the trading board to respond to the “Wanbao dispute.” In response to Baoneng leveraged buyout of Vanke shares, the CSRC said that the acquisition between market subjects belongs to market-oriented behavior, and the regulatory authorities will not interfere as long as they meet the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations. The answer that leaves the decision to the market is, of course, the best answer. “Yao Zhenhua does not take Wang Shi seriously,” said one real estate insider who has knowledge of Yao Zhenhua. “he only believes in his own logic.” Facts have also proved that Yao Zhenhua adheres to his own style of action and believes only in his own logic. Although I persevered in my work, I said it verbally. I’m still laughing. Yao Zhenhua said, “Wang Shi is a person I respect very much. He is the big brother of the real estate industry.”

Barbarians attack, Chinese corporate predators

It was such a savage and rude way that Yao Zhenhua, who is now today, became one of the richest entrepreneurs in mainland China. After the stock acquisition, Yao Zhenhua was called China’s first predator by British media.

The all-powerful economic figures all have legendary rich experience, Yao Zhenhua is no exception. Yao Zhenhua started selling vegetables in his early years. As for what Wang Shi said about Yao Zhenhua’s origin in selling vegetables, Yao Zhenhua said wittily,” It’s not selling vegetables, it’s a chain of supermarkets, and as a new thing at that time, our supermarkets expanded very quickly. “.

Vanke is not the first prey of Baoneng. Before that, Baoneng Department has “hunted” a number of listed companies in the capital market, most of which are fierce and spend a lot of money. Like the wolf of Wall Street, executives at major companies were frightened.

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